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Grand Rabbi David Sabbah

“Fortunately, there is Banav, who cares about the well-being of children who have learning difficulties and who are marginalized, and provides them with the additional education they need.”

Montreal Torah Center

"Through their incredible program founded on unconditional love, BANAV provides tools that empowers children to learn, study and instill confidence"

Congregation TBDJ
(Tifereth Beth David Jerusalem)

"Every child needs to have the ability to succeed and the tools to maximize their potential. Banav gives tools to every single one of our children who need a little extra attention and a different form of learning"

RABBI Benoliel
Montreal Torah Center

"I recommend your support for BANAV. Hundreds of students are being helped in this beautiful institution. A big Hazak OuBaruch"

What people have to say :
Key people in the community
Rabbin David Banon_edited.jpg

"Rav Yossef and his wife have undertaken extraordinary work to help children who need special attention and families who find themselves at a loss because they don't know what to do."

-Rav David Banon – JCC Montreal

Parents of students at Banav

My children Mégane and Nathaniel have made a lot of progress thanks to Banav's help, their hard work and their patience.

- Melissa Bouzaglou

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Students at Banav
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"Banav gave me a small community to relate to in a big school. It helped me stay connected to Judaism even while attending public school."

-Avi Kroo, Banav afterschool program student


Our first Banav student

“BANAV would help me with my homework, Jewish studies  and overall to be a better person. I’m very thankfull for all the great things the BANAV program has made. It made me who I am today”

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