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Hear what leaders of the community have to say about BANAV

Leader testimonies
Montreal Torah Center

"Through their incredible program founded on unconditional love, BANAV provides tools that empowers children to learn and study and instill confidence"

Congregation TBDJ
(Tifereth Beth David Jerusalem)

"Every child needs to have the ability to succeed and the tools to maximize their potential. 

BANAV gives tools to every single one of our children who need a little extra attention and a different form of learning"

Chouva Israel

"Hundreds of children are being helped by this institution"

Testimonies from our clients

Client testimonies

"The Banav program is crucial for families like mine that are caught with a child with challenges and in a system that demands a heavy financial obligation to send our children to a Jewish Day school and when we can’t, our children risk getting lost with little or no Jewish education and identity. Thank you!"

- Marciano Family

"O.L has improved a lot, she had 91 on her last French test. So, I notice that she is significantly less anxious than before. It used to be stressful doing homework and when she had a test, she was very anxious. It works really well with the tutor and it goes much better in class. Thank you for always taking the time to answer my questions and advise me. I really appreciate everything you do and your patience."

- Mother of O.

"At Banav, their positive attitude matched with calmness and strength, helped me tremendously on my journey and gave me so much support. Rabbi and Mrs Ifergan and their wonderful staff helped me sort through my children’s issues and never gave up hope that they will be extraordinary adults. They are always available to share our concerns and go the extra mile for any child."

- Mother of 5 Banav children

Our first BANAV student 

'BANAV would help me with my homework, jewish studies  and overall to be a better person. I'm very thankfull for all the great things the BANAV program has made. It made me who I am today'

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