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Banav Mashlim

Banav Mashlim offers classes to Jewish students with learning disabilities attending secular schools. The program allows students to connect with

their Jewish heritage and learn more about their culture.

Banav Ezra

Banav Ezra is a multi-educational service for students who have learning disabilities and who are at risk of leaving the Jewish day school system,

which include:

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Banav Clinic

The Banav Clinic offers orthopedagogy, psychoeducation, psychology, ergotherapy and coaching services with qualified and passionate professionals for you and your child.

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For parents and professionals 

Banav offers support and training programs for parents, teachers and other professionals.

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Learning Online Ressources

Banav offers a variety of online resources for both student, parents and professionals. This includes online classes, an online screening tool, useful documents and links.

We make our services accessible to low-income families because every child has the right to learn and the power to do so.

A few numbers to know:

1260 students helped (more than 200 children per year)
A team of
33 professionals working directly with Banav students
Total of 181,000 hours delivered

1 out of 5 Jewish students suffers from learning difficulties

More than 3000 in the Montreal community alone

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