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Programs charts

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Banav Budget

Parents contributions

Banav total operation shortage :


Banav Clinic

Program cost




Banav Ezra

MultiEducational services

ONLINE project

Summer at BANAV

Program cost




Banav Mashlim

Afterschool, Bar Mitzvah

Lunch & Learn

Sunday at Banav

Program cost




Program budgets

Operations for 20 students

(without screener)



Assessments, Cognitive Therapy, specialised services.

The assessments are personalized and focus on student’s potential (dynamic assessment, psycho educational assessment)
The cognitive remediation sessions are offered mostly to help students improve their thinking skills and become independent learners.

The program includes reading, writing, math, and brain gym. 




This program is an online interactive screening test that facilitates and activates efficiently the
screening process for client intake. In addition to that, the online screening program leads to online general but yet in accordance with the challenges, feedback to parent, so parent can start putting into action some parental strategies with his or her child at home environment while the student is waiting for BANAV services. 


The group age is from 2 to 21 years old.

Banav Clinic

Banav Clinic

Multi Educational services
150 students

(without online project)



This multi-Educational service is composed of 4 support programs: 
o    Orthopedagogy and Tutoring sessions offered daily, on all school subjects (per PFEQ standards)
o    Homework assistance
o    Parents’ support to assist them together with the school or other agency to help plan the student’s education program & Professional support (including workshops, training, conferences etc.)


Those services are given in Jewish day school, at our local and online.
This program is catered for students who have learning disabilities or academic difficulties and:
o    are at risk of leaving the Jewish day school system or
o    are enrolled in a non-Jewish school or
o    have already left the school.

Online project



The Online learning program is here to provide students with efficient, dynamic, interactive, and sustainable online learning sessions in different modes (synchronous and asynchronous).

This program is catered for students who have learning disabilities or academic difficulties.

Summer at Banav



Summer at Banav is composed of 2 programs: the Banav Brain camp (36 students) & Banav summer school (24 students)

Banav Brain camp: 3 hrs/day of meaningful learning in a creative, interesting, and fun environment, in July, 5x/week for 3 weeks, at the Banav center.
The participants can choose to come 1,2 or 3 weeks.


Banav Summer School: 2 weeks of intensive classes, 4hrs/day in French & maths.
2 dates available: 2 weeks end of June or 2 weeks before the school beginning in August.

Banav ezra

Banav Ezra

After school



An after school in house program targeting Jewish students (elementary level) with learning disabilities enrolled in public or private schools which do not provide Jewish education. 

At our local, we provide a hands-on multi-sensory Jewish learning. The curriculum includes bible stories, Jewish values, Jewish holidays, and Hebrew.  

This program is offered 3 x/week from 2:30 to 4:30pm. 

Bar Mitzvah (10 students)



This program offers adapted lessons to students with reading and/or comprehension difficulties, to help them during their Bar Mitzvah preparation.

This program is catered to suit the needs of the young boy to prepare his Bar Mitzvah preparation.


Usually, it is about 2hours/week in one-on-one sessions. 

Banav Mashlim

Banav Mashlim

Lunch & Learn (50 students)



Our extracurricular in school Jewish lunch and learn adapted program is offered twice a week in public or private non-Jewish schools. 
In 2015, we started with 25 youths at Centennial Academy (a private non-Jewish high school)


It is essential for children of our community who are not attending Jewish day schools, to have a specific Jewish adapted program to raise awareness about their Jewish identity and to feel connected and part of our community. 

This program is offered 2 x/week (1x/level group). We bring them kosher meals and have Judaic discussion during lunch time.

Sunday at Banav (10 students)



It is an in-house program targeting Jewish students (secondary level) with learning disabilities enrolled in public or private schools which do not provide Jewish education. 

This program is offered on Sundays from 9:30am to 12am in 2 groups of 5 students each. There are 2 periods in this program: one period of Jewish studies and one period of Homework Assistance. 

The objective is to give the opportunity to these students to discover Jewish heritage and foster a feeling of belonging to the Jewish community.

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