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BANAV EZRA STUDENT PROGRAMS includes dynamic assessment, psycho educational assessment, cognitive remediation, tutoring services, homework help and the BANAV LEARNING CAMP.

TUTORING SERVICES on all school subjects (per PFEQ standards) are offered on a daily basis.

ASSESSMENTS are personalized and focus on student's potential.

COGNITIVE REMEDIATION sessions are offered mostly to help students improve their thinking skills and become independent learners.

BANAV SUMMER LEARNING CAMP is all about learning three hours a day for three weeks. The program includes reading, writing, math and brain gym.

BANAV EZRA is a support and advocacy service that assists parents together with the school or other agency to help plan the student's education program. 



BANAV MACHLIM is an after school in house program or an extracurricular in school program targeting the Jewish Student with disabilities enrolled in a public or private schools which do not provide Jewish education. The main goal of these programs is to provide an adapted Jewish educated program for those that wish to pursue Jewish education. The objective is to give the opportunity to these students to discover Jewish heritage and foster a feeling of belonging to the the Jewish community. 

BANAV MACHLIM provides a hands-on multi-sensory Jewish learning. The curriculum includes bible sotries, Jewish values, Jewish holidays and Hebrew. 

Our in house after school program is offered on weekdays from 2h30 to 4h30 and on Sundays from 9 to 12h00.

Our extracurricular in school Jewish lunch and learn adapted program is offered once or twice a week in a public or private school. To get the extracurricular lunch and learn Jewish Adapted Program in your school contact us!

BANAV MACHLIM also offers Bar / Bat Mitzvah adapted programs.

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BANAV KITA is an integrated learning center in a Jewish Day School. BANAV KITA is designed and organized according the needs of each and every schools.