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Help us build a caring Inclusive Jewish Community. Volunteer for BANAV.

Give the gift of yourself, your time, your effort, and discover the benefits of volunteering.

Come and grow with us as we work for BANAV.  If you’ve ever wondered about the value of supporting BANAV and its affiliates, consider these facts:

  • Number of Students with LD increases every year by 13% (more than 200 000 in Quebec)

  • In the Jewish Community, more than 2500 with learning disabilities

Volunteers are needed in many ways:

  • BANAV machlim after school programs

  • BANAV kita

  • BANAV tutoring

  • BANAV events

  • BANAV summer learning camp

  • Workshop and professional development 

  • Fundraising

  • Public relations

  • Board members

  • Administration

  • ....

For more information on volunteering contact us

Many ways you can join us and help more students with special needs!

Help us help them!