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The mission of the Advisory Committee

Other than advising schools on Quebec policies, laws and regulations, the BACSE main goal is to ensure coordination between different special need service providers in the Montreal Jewish Community. 

The BANAV Jewish Advisory Committee on Special Education Services is composed of:
→ Parents of Jewish students with different needs
→ Teacher representatives
→ Professional representatives
→ Representatives of different special need service providers 
→ AJDS representative
→ BJEC representative of BJEC
→ OMETZ representative

The functions of the Advisory Committee are mainly as follows:

• Draw a portrait of Jewish Students with Learning Disabilities JSLD
• Highlight the number of JSLD students enrolled in the public sector.
• Identify the needs of JSLD students in the community.
• Mobilize the various organizations that provide services to JSLD
• Update annually the services offered to JSLD
• Develop and implement an action plans for JSLD
• Provide recommendations to the CJA in regards to inclusive education in the community 
• Ensure that the committee has a broad mandate and composition so that it can properly assess and propose solutions to problems related to JSLD